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Author and Illustrator

Teresa lives with her husband in East Tennessee. She finds daily inspiration in their four grandchildren.

 My first  book “Katie Has Two Homes”  was written for my granddaughter who was having a difficult time dealing with her parents’ divorce.

The first of a new series, Sarah Lucele’s Ordeals: Dolly’s Dilemma: a historical nonfiction children’s book. Dolly’s Dilemma  takes place in the Midwest in 1913, it’s about a courageous mother named Dolly who will stop at nothing to get her family back – even if it means becoming a fugitive. Sarah Lucele is 8 years old and tells her mother Dolly’s story with innocene and humor. I wrote this to preserve a favorite family story for future generations.

A wonderful fellow author/historian once explained that she was chosen at the age of 6 to sit and listen to the elders of her family tell the storiees of the family history. My family are wonderful story tellers. There are a few that I have always had a great desire to preserve for this and the next generation.

Books that are WRITTEN for the children seem to me to be the best way for this generation to keep our history alive. 

ENJOY.  Teresa

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  1. Linda Hoagland says:

    Save a copy for me. I will get a signed one from you the next time I see you after the new is released.

    Good luck

    Linda Hoagland

  2. anne bradford says:

    I just saw you on Day Time Tri cities! Had no idea you had written these helpful books for children. You are a very talented woman and I look forward to purchasing and reading your books. God Bless everything you put your hand to.

  3. admin says:

    Anne, I want to thank you for the kind words. I miss seeing you! I hope you enjoy your books. You can call and order direct from me if you like, 423-323-4659 leave a message and I can call you back or e-mail ktstill@yahoo.com. Or order with paypal using the above e-mail. Of course I would love it if you could get out to Corey Ippolito Vineyard Winery Sat Sept 22 11-3. I’ll be there for the Taste of Appalachian Wine & Words Book signing event. You would love meeting the Corey’s. Love Teresa

  4. Aloha Kier (gray) says:

    Dear Teresa, I love the book on my grandmother Glady and Great-grandmother. I am so glad you wrote the book. I home school 4 of our grandsons. We will be reading your book in class and each will prepare a book report. I want my family to know about Granny (Glady) and her family.

    I am married (39 years) and we have 3 sons and 6 grandchildren. I love teaching our grandchildren. It is wonderful to be part of their life. I worked all the time our sons were growing up and even though I tried to be at all of their events, I know I missed out on some of their child hood.

    I am so blessed that all of my family are born again Christians.

    Love you and Bless you, Aloha Kier

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