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Author-Illustrator Teresa Brooks Still

“Katie Has Two Homes”

 A counseling resource for young children dealing with divorce.

Katie has two homes cover imageYou are invited to take a look at my new children’s picture book, “Katie Has Two Homes“. A book written for my 4-year-old granddaughter about Katie and Mommy and Daddy’s divorce.

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Why I wrote and published Katie’s book:

My 4-year-old granddaughter had just gone through a divorce.  In the process, we have learned that a child going through a divorce asks a lot of questions. These 3 were Katie’s most frequently asked questions:

  1. Why don’t we live together anymore?  “Will you leave me or stop loving me?”
  2. Whose fault is it that we don’t live together anymore? “Is it my fault?”
  3. How can I fix everything? “Is it my responsibility to fix Mommy and Daddy?”

 Divorcing parents are told what NOT to say, “Don’t say anything negative about the other parent,” but they are not told what TO say.  Mommy had been unable to find words to answer the questions Katie had been asking.  It was just overwhelmingly difficult to explain divorce to a 4 year old. This book was written to answer these questions truthfully without doing any harm to Katie’s relationship with either Mommy or Daddy.

After 8 months Katie told a family friend, “I have two families and everybody loves me, but it’s Mommy’s fault we don’t live with Daddy”. I was devastated to learn that she had been saying this to her mother for months. My sister suggested there might be a children’s book out there that would help. There wasn’t one that I could find.  I looked online, in bookstores, and the library but could not find any simple and direct books that answered the most important questions a 4 year old child has during a divorce.

I was doing a crossword puzzle when the words came for “Katie Has Two Homes.” They came so fast I wrote them on the cover of the puzzle book. I believed them to be inspired by God, so I made Katie a simple book. I drew pictures with the words, stapled the pages together, and we read them to Katie before bed for three nights. After church on Sunday we went to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. Katie started telling us her story (the story in the book) almost verbatim. She told about how she has “two homes and two families…. What Mommy and Daddy do is NOT HER FAULT!”  It was great, with a sincere smiling face, Katie told us it was “OKAY”. She was free from tormenting worry about her responsibility for what had rocked her world.

So, I made Katie a watercolor picture book and painted on the words. Then I shared the above story and the book with friends, teachers, and family who encouraged me to publish for other children. In fact you will also find “Tessa Has Two Homes” written and illustrated for African American children at the request of a dear friend, on line at Author House and Barnes and Noble.

The book brought peace to my 4-year-old granddaughter within days. After that Sunday, Katie would tell everyone who would listen all about her situation. She now has answers and she is confident Mommy and Daddy will always love her.

As we read the book at night there are still questions but the story makes it easier to explain the answers in simple terms.

My hope and prayer is that “Katie Has Two Homes” and “Tessa Has Two Homes”, might bring peace to many more children.

This is my first book.

Yours truly,

Teresa B Still

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