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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Northeast Tennessee author and illustrator publishes exciting historical nonfiction picture book for children

Little Creek Books is proud to announce the release of Sarah Lucele’s Ordeals: Dolly’s Dilemma, a historical nonfiction children’s book written and illustrated by Teresa Brooks Still. This true story, which takes place all across the Midwest in 1913, is about a courageous mother named Dolly who will stop at nothing to get her family back – even if it means becoming a fugitive.

Sarah Lucele’s Ordeals: Dolly’s Dilemma is told through the eyes of Sarah Lucele, Dolly’s 8-year-old daughter, whose innocence and humor is sweet and endearing. Although written for elementary-age readers, the story and pictures will captivate people of all ages as they are taken on an adventure across the Midwest Plains, living in wagons, riding trains, singing songs and evading the law.

Author Teresa Brooks Still was inspired to write Sarah Lucele’s Ordeals: Dolly’s Dilemma from an interview recorded in the 1980s with her grandmother, Sarah Lucele. Still, like her grandmother, moved around with her family a lot as a child, having once counted 42 states of residence. She now lives in Blountville, Tennessee with her husband, and their favorite thing to do is spend time with their four grandchildren. In fact, Still has written and illustrated another set of books, Katie Has Two Homes and Tessa Has Two Homes, for her four-year-old granddaughter who was having a hard time dealing with her parents’ divorce.

For more information about Teresa Brooks Still or to order books, visit her website at www.teresabstill.com or watch her on WJHL-TV’s Daytime Tri-Cities on September 17th.

Katie Has Two HomesNews Release:

Published: December 27, 2009

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‘Katie Has Two Homes’

By Joe Tennis

Grandmother pens book to help granddaughter deal with divorce and more

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. – For Teresa Still, writing a book helped solve a family crisis.
“My 4-year-old granddaughter had just gone through a divorce. And, in the process, we have learned that a child going through a divorce asks a lot of questions,” Still said.
Namely, young Katie asked:
“Why don’t we live together anymore?”
“Will you leave me or stop loving me?
“Whose fault is it that we don’t live together anymore?”
“How can I fix everything?”
“Is it my responsibility to fix Mommy and Daddy?”
Still stood at crossroads. She tried to comfort her granddaughter.
Then one night, in January, Still found words coming to her, naturally, as she finished a crossword puzzle at home in Blountville, Tenn.
“They came so fast I wrote them on the cover of the puzzle book,” Still said. “I believed them to be inspired by God, so I made Katie a simple book. I drew pictures with the words, stapled the pages together, and we read them to Katie before bed for three nights.”

Katie loved that book so much that she memorized it.
“After church on Sunday, we went to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant,” Still said. “And Katie started telling us her story – the story in the book – almost verbatim. She told about how she has two homes and two families.”
Still smiled.
After that Sunday, Katie would tell everyone who would listen “all about her situation,” Still said. “She now has answers, and she is confident Mommy and Daddy will always love her.”
Now, the young girl knows that having two homes is not her fault, Still said.
“It was just overwhelmingly difficult to explain divorce to a 4 year old,” Still said. “This book was written to answer these questions truthfully without doing any harm to Katie’s relationship with either Mommy or Daddy.”

Still did not stop.
Inspired that she could help others, Still re-drafted that personal book with watercolor illustrations and self-published “Katie Has Two Homes” through AuthorHouse. She also put together “Tessa Has Two Homes” – an African-American version of the same book.
“The book brought peace to my 4-year-old granddaughter within days,” said Still, the office manager and bookkeeper for her husband Ken Still’s asphalt and paving business.
“As we read the book at night, there are still questions, but the story makes it easier to explain the answers in simple terms,” Still said. “My hope and prayer is that ‘Katie Has Two Homes’ and ‘Tessa Has Two Homes’ might bring peace to many more children.”

Available: The books are also available at Barnes & Noble.com and AuthorHouse.com.
Info:  (423) 612-0036  Web: www.TeresaBStill.com
E-mail: ktstill@yahoo.com


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