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Author-Illustrator Teresa Brooks Still

It’s all about the children.

 While preparing “Katie Has Two Homes,” for publication.  My granddaughter posed for photos to use as guides for the illustrations in my books “Katie and Tessa”. During the photo shoot she turned to her mother and said, “It’s all about Me, Mom.” To me it is all about the children involved in divorce!  Mom and Dad will make it and while I care for every mother and father going through the devastation of divorce, in many cases the best or only answer for all concerned, my focus is on the child’s mental state. I care about their ability to continue to have a relationship with both parents, their grandparents, extended family, etc. How to not damage a child’s self-esteem,  tender heart or their love of family in divorce is a priority for me.  It is my mission to get books into the hands of teachers,  parents and grandparents.   Reaching one family at a time is slow; my desire/dream is to help every child in divorce situations in the world.  While talking with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers and family friends it has become very clear that every family has a different story and every divorce is unique. But the heart cry of each child is the same: “Is this my fault, if they stopped loving each other will they stop loving me, and is it my responsibility to fix my family?” Of course we know the answers are NO, NO and NO, but how do we communicate this information.  My book is targeted for children who go back and forth between parents. “Katie Has Two Homes”, does not deal with grandparents raising their grandchild, or single moms or dads raising their children. However, children relate to other children’s stories, especially when they are true stories.

While speaking with my Pastor’s this week it became clear that my book   is a counseling resource for children and an excellent resource for school counselors. Teachers do not have the time or resources to counsel our children. As an example a 2nd grade teacher shared, “While sobbing on my shoulder, one of my students shared that  her parents were suddenly living apart and she was going from daddy’s to mommy’s.  She was confused and heartbroken and asking for answers”.  This teacher’s heart cry was to help her student but comfort was her only resource, the school counselor who came 2 days a week would be depended on. (Yes, she and the counselor received books.)  If you know a counselor share about  “Katie Has Two Homes” or “Tessa Has Two Homes” with them, help me achieve my dream.

  Still learning! Still sharing!

 Teresa B Still

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